Adjusting the Pressure on My Gas Tank

We’ll teach you how to adjust the pressure in your kegerator if your beer or cold brew is pouring too foamy or too slowly!

As David Bowie and Freddy Mercury once sang "Mmm num ba de...dum bum ba be...doo buh dum ba beh beh", and we couldn't agree more. 

They do get into something about being "Under Pressure" later in the song. That's what we're talking about here and perhaps it's more relevant than what's quoted above. So let's get into it!

Your kegerator runs because of the gas that's pumped through it. We use a piece of equipment called a regulator to adjust the pressure at which the gas is pumped through the lines. Here's a picture of your regulator hooked up to the gas tank:


The measurement that is used is called PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). The gas tank gauge shows you how much PSI is being pumped into your tank. 

Is your pour too foamy? Your PSI is probably set too high. 

Is your product pouring out slowly? Your PSI is probably set too low!

Each product has a PSI level that is perfect for it, so that it's enjoyed at maximum awesomeness. Here's a handy dandy chart to show you the ideal PSI for each product:

So, now that we know what your pressure should be, let's walk you through adjusting the pressure to the right level. Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Turn off the gas shut-off valve by moving it so it runs perpendicular to the lines (helpful image below!).
  2. Pull the pressure adjustment knob out toward you until you hear a click.
  3. If your regulator has a flat head screw instead of a pressure adjustment knob, it's ok! You just skip step two and just move onto to the next step!
  4. Turn the knob or screw (you might need a screw driver if it's tight!) in small increments clockwise to increase the pressure or counterclockwise to decrease the pressure.
  5. Once the pressure is set, turn on the gas shut-off valve. The system will take a few minutes to settle.


It's super important to adjust the PSI in small increments! You don't want to over-pressurize the keg. It can take a minute to adjust so once you do it, give it about 10 minutes. If it's still not at the right level, go back and adjust.

You did it!! Your office should be gathering round to cheer for you any second now. 

If for some reason, there isn’t a cheering section around you and it didn’t work, give us a holler :)