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Asset Tracking & Service Reminders

Track your office kitchen equipment for future maintenance and service visits as part of Crafty’s Equipment Management program.

1. When a new piece of office kitchen equipment is onboarded through our asset creation form, we are then able to begin tracking the cadence and service needs of that equipment starting from Day 1🗓️.   

a. Think filter changes, preventative maintenance, warranty expiration.

2. You will receive an automated email that lets you know your equipment is due for a service visit. We will handle the coordination of that visit, no trigger from you necessary!

3. An email 💌 will then be dispatched letting you know of the date and time of this visit, and all other necessary information - not unlike what you would receive from a reactive service confirmation email. 

4. We will then follow up with you after to let you know how that service went.

Any charges during these visits will be consolidated through Crafty and will be trackable to you through our platform💻.