Crafty's Field Operations

Crafty's Field Ops team manages your inventory levels and automates your orders. We count, restock, beautify and everything in between.

Our Field Ops team is comprised of the people who make the magic happen. They're the ones who make sure every request is honored, so you can focus on literally anything else. From restocking product, organizing the storage room, servicing equipment, and beautifying your space, we’ve got your back :)

On-Site Operators

Our team leverages our Operations App to give our clients transparency into the on-site tasks that need to happen on a regular basis:

Field Coordination & Management

Field Coordinators & Managers are the support team for our on-site Operators.  They are available to field questions, manage staffing, provide training and performance feedback, and perform QC checks across our client base.

Our Field Operations team leverages communication channels to track, view, and manage performance from afar. When on-site Operators complete their tasks, such as restocking, they capture photos of the product display they've recreated, so that our Field Operations team can view and check their performance against the standards we've set.

In tandem with our Account Management team, our Field Operations team delivers a pretty amazing experience that our current clients love. If you'd like to see us in action, drop us a line, and we'll arrange a walkthrough at one of our current clients in your city.

Quality Control Checks

Quality Control checks are conducted to ensure Crafty standards are upheld and that client specific requests are being followed!

Here's a quick overview of our QC criteria:

  • Storage Spaces:  Product is organized using FIFO and consolidated, i.e., multiples of one product are not open
  • Display:  Products are front-facing and merchandised per Crafty's Service Creed 
  • Freshness:  Product stocked using FIFO and all expired product removed
  • Cleanliness:  Counter spaces, bulk jars, fridges, equipment, etc. are wiped down at the end of stocking
  • Equipment:  All pieces of equipment are intact and operable, or a work order has been ordered

Our Field Operations team are the boots on the ground and the faces of Crafty for many of our clients, and we are proud of our team!