Welcome to the Crafty Marketplace, where dreams come true. We strive to live in a world where every office has access to the best coffee, delicious snacks and, all the sparkling water their hearts can imagine. 

Please note that this tool is only available to our Chicago market clients! If you’re interested in the Marketplace but do not live in the Windy City, please let us know so that we can prioritize making this available for you soon!

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is our online ordering platform. Here you can browse products, add them to your cart, check out and have them delivered right to your office!

We created the Marketplace as an alternative to our full kitchen and pantry service! For clients who are interested in ordering online and foregoing the use of our awesome Inventory Management technology, the Marketplace is the tool for you :)

Our Marketplace is great for a number of reasons! First, it consolidates all those vendors you work with. Since we have such a wide product offering, you can find everything you need in one place. Say goodbye to managing multiple deliveries! Sayonara several tracking numbers! Adios endless websites! 

Another reason why our Marketplace is awesome is the support. We hate to brag (wink), but it's important to mention how dedicated our Support Team is. When you order from several sites and you need to make a change or have a question, it's often really tough to get in touch with people. That is never the case with us. Our response time is really fast and you'll be talking to a person who knows your account with a full historical view of your conversations! Everyone on our team will go above and beyond to make sure that you're taken care of :)

Now that you know what the Marketplace is, let's talk about how to use it! Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Setup & Login
  2. Making your first purchase
  3. Receive your delivery
  4. Review historical orders

Setup & Login

First up, a member of the Crafty team will need to create a login for you. This is a very quick process, all we need is your name, address & suite number, your email address, and your contact phone number. 

Once you're setup, you can login! All you need to do is head to the login page on our site, enter your email, and click the "forgot password" button. Our system will email you a temporary password to login with. Once you've logged in with the temporary password, you'll be prompted to create your own password. After that, you are free to move about the cabin!

Before you can make a purchase, you'll need to add your credit card info! Chances are, the support team has already sent you out a link for you to add your payment info, but if not, reach out (support@craftydelivers.com) and we'll make sure you get one.

Making Your First Purchase

Now that you're logged in, it's time to make your first purchase! You'll notice that our Marketplace has several different categories. Here's what you can find in each one:

  • Beer - Loads of different beers in across various sizes, such as  size kegs, cans or bottles!
  • Wine & Spirits - Any kind of wine in any size keg, can or bottle! You will also find any kind of liquor here in any size bottle!
  • Coffee & Tea - In addition to  coffee and tea, you'll also find sweeteners, creamers and kombucha here!
  • Beverages - Water (sparkling or still), soda, juice, mixers, and energy drinks!
  • Perishables - Produce, dairy, deli, prepared meals, bread, frozen food, and condiments!
  • Pantry - Dry snacks, bars, candy, and packaged snacks!
  • Supplies - Cleaning products, personal care, kitchen essentials, office essentials and gas for your kegerator!
  • Services - Line cleanings!

If you order before 4pm, nearly everything can be delivered on the next  business day, apart from alcohol. 

For alcohol, we upload our distributor inventory onto our website - meaning we have very little booze in our warehouse. When you place an order for alcohol with Crafty, we then send that order to our distributors. The next day, the alcohol you ordered is delivered to our warehouse, and the day after that, we deliver it to you. This is why we have a 2 business day turnaround for alcohol. Orders must be in before 4pm, otherwise, our system treats it like it's the following business day. So, if you place an order for alcohol on Monday at 4:15pm, it won't be delivered until Thursday. 

Now that you know how our categories work, let's talk filtering! You may have noticed that when you click into a category, there are filters on the left hand side of the screen.

This allows you to search by the exact thing you're looking for! Whether you have a specific price range, keg size or ABV you need to adhere to. Use these filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for! 

You might notice the "speedy delivery" option on the top of the filter list. This shows you what we have in our warehouse that can be delivered in 1 business day. Options are limited, but when you’re in a pinch, it’s a great way to save the day!

Looking for a specific kind of beer or brewery? How about a seasonal snack or special roast of coffee? Use the search bar at the top of the screen to use particular search words. 

Now that you know how to find exactly what you're looking for, all you need to do is click the "Add to Cart" button and check out! You can get to your cart by hitting the shopping cart symbol in the upper right hand corner and hitting "Confirm Purchase."

Have something you'd like to note for delivery? Wanted to add something to your order but you couldn't find it? Make a note in the "Special Instructions" section when checking out and our team will take care of you!

Receiving Your Delivery

Now it's time to sit back and relax and wait for your delivery to arrive! Our delivery window is between 8am-4pm. If you'd like a more specific window, you can write into our support team (support@craftydelivers.com) on the day of delivery and they can get an estimate on delivery time for you. 

If you need delivery by a certain time, you can request a 2-hour time window before the delivery day and we'll do our best to accommodate! We generally suggest you place the order at least a day ahead of time, just to make sure you get everything you need within the time frame you need it. 

All of our items are delivered through the building loading dock (we'll can pull together  a COI to for your building upon request!) via our refrigerated trucks. Everything will arrive together, and if there are any items that need to be in cold storage, and you're not around to receive the delivery, we'll make sure they're put in the fridge. 

Reviewing Historical Orders

Want to view past orders? No prob! Just head to the upper right hand corner of the page, and click the little 4 stack button to the left of your account name (the thing with your suite number). A drop down menu will appear and you can choose either Order History or Account Details.

Need to update your payment method? No problem! Click here and we'll walk you through it. 

And that's how to use our Marketplace! Still have questions? Hit the button below and we'll help answer any other burning Qs you might have. 

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