Welcome to your numbers, baby! Here you can find and run key reports on your programs with Crafty. 

Across the top of the dashboard, you have the ability to filter the all the reports  in a couple of ways:

Option 1: you can look at certain Programs and/or certain Locations.

Every Account has a single program (e.g., Kitchen, Events) and a single location (i.e., their address down to the suite or floor), which means that you can filter for both programs and locations at the same time!

  1. By Program - we organize your Crafty life into five programs: Kitchen, Cafe, Events, Micromarkets, and Marketplace. Every order will fall into one of these programs, which will allow you to organize and filter your spend by category.
  2. By Location - whether you have offices in different cities, different buildings, or not, you’ll be able to filter your reporting all the way down to the floor or suite! 

This is really great when you want to see all of your spend for your Events Program in Chicago (or even down to a single building!).

Option 2: you can look at certain Payment Profiles.

  1. By Payment Profile - many of our clients are managing multiple budgets with Crafty. We create a different payment profile for each budget, and our reporting will enable you to break out your activities by payment profile. Check out our Billing section below to get the two scoops on payment profiles.

This is really great when you want to see all of your orders that were billed via Credit Card or all of your orders that were invoiced to a specific budget.

Now, let’s take a look at all these beautiful reports, right at your fingertips! 

Let's break down each report and talk about what they can do:

  • Total Spend - this is (and I know we're going to blow your mind with this) your total spend with Crafty! This includes everything, even taxes!. 
  • Account Spend -  in Crafty terms, an “Account” is any one program (e.g., Kitchen, Events, etc.) in one location (e.g., Floor 2 of your Bay Area office at 145 Sansome Street). This report allows you to compare your spend across your various Accounts.
  • Category Spend - not only is this chart pretty, but it also breaks down some helpful intel for ya!  At Crafty, we assign every single product to a category, and this report allows you to see how your spend is split across those categories. This is the place where you  can compare how much you're spending on supplies versus coffee & tea. 
  • Subcategory Spend - you've heard of category Spend, well this is the remix! Well, sort of... it's a closer look into where your spend is going. This is essentially the same as the category spend, but it uses our Subcategories which are a level deeper. A category can have many subcategories, for instance, a subcategory of "Beverages" would be "Water & Sparkling" or "Sodas."
  • Category Spend Within a Time Frame - this is the same information as "Category Spend", but it's displayed in a different way. With this view, you can compare the category totals across any date range you choose. On the prior “Category Spend” report, you’re not able to see a single total spend for the category over the time frame, which is why we’ve made this special report for ya as well. 
  • Subcategory Spend Within a Time Frame - and finally, this is the exact same as above only with subcategories! 

Let's do a sample search and we'll talk through how to get the info!

Let's say we want to know how much we spent in our San Francisco office on coffee in the last three months? Easy! 

  1. Head to the "Subcategory Spend" section (keep in mind, “Coffee & Tea” is a category, and “Coffee” is a subcategory)
  2. Select the "Coffee" subcategory
  3. Select your date range 
  4. Voilà! You'll get a gorgeous result!  Here’s an example:

See that little down facing arrow in the upper right hand corner? If you click that, it'll give you the option to download your current view as a PDF or into an Excel file, so you can send the info around to whoever needs to see it! 

That's it! If you have questions about other sections, feel free to hit up our main dashboard article which will help you find more helpful info!

Want to talk to a human? We feel ya! Hit the button below and we'll be right with you!

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