Enterprise is available in all cities serviced by Crafty.  The Starter and Pro plans are currently only available in Chicago.

The Starter Membership

If you're looking for a low commitment way to get starter with Crafty, look no further!

The Starter Membership is entirely free and requires no commitment whatsoever.  While the additional services provided beyond the Marketplace experience are minimal, this level of membership still provides the perks:

  • You still get access to our Support Center
  • You have 24-hour access to our Marketplace, which hosts a comprehensive product set curated with the modern workplace in mind.  
  • You can enjoy next day delivery on every order submitted before 4pm CST each weekday

Curious how to get setup?  It's a piece of cake!  Just follow along this helpful article and the Marketplace will be yours :)

The Pro Membership

The Pro Membership is ideal for any clients looking for a consolidated vendor experience with valued added services, such as:

  • Access to our Dashboard, which features handy tools like dynamic reporting on your spend
  • Net-10 invoiced billing as an option opposed to credit card payment
  • Equipment rentals offered...  feel free to take a look at our Pro Membership Equipment List to see what's available to you
  • Events & Catering coordination services 
  • Auto-recurring orders setup in our system so you don't have to come to the website to setup your weekly cold brew delivery!
  • And free delivery, because you're in the club :)

If you're ordering once per week, you're much better off with the Pro Membership as opposed to paying those pesky delivery fees in our Starter plan.

The Enterprise Membership

Looking for a white-glove experience?  Welcome home.

Breaking down our Enterprise Membership experience into words is difficult, but here goes nothing:

Your dedicated Account Management & Field Operations teams will literally automate the inventory, order placement and budget management processes.

We'll operate quarterly business reviews with you to review your consumption data and provide recommendations on comprehensive ways to improve your program and meet your goals.  

If you have a vision, we will build it.  Want to be a WELL Certified Workplace?  Easy. Have a Green Team with sustainability goals you need to hit?  Let's do it.

Speaking of building, we'll take you through a robust Implementation Process to design and launch a truly customized program built for you.  

Okay, let's pause here, just to say, if any of the above is intriguing, feel free to follow the instructions in our chatbot to learn more about our programs & services.

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