Room & Board

Room & Board was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by John Gabbert and a subsidiary of his parent’s furniture store, Gabberts. They now operate all over the country offering sturdy, modern and clean designs. They partner with small and family-owned stores and designers around the country to create unique pieces of home decor. 

Integrated Bulk & Snack Wall

You think the hit television show Glee owns the idea of a “Mash-up”?! Not even! That’s made evident by this awesome shelving unit. Keep your bulk snack items in a Rosseto EZ-SERV dispenser on display in the larger shelf and your single-serve snacks all around on the smaller shelves. We got space for it all and we’ll make sure to decorate with some life-giving plants to maintain the Crafty aesthetic. Confession: plants will be fake but will still give you life!

Nuts and Bolts

Quality: This unit is as sturdy as anything on the market today. It’s made from natural recycled steel and is hand-welded together, which means each piece is slightly different due to the heating and shaping of the steel by an actual human. No two are the same!

Volume: When it comes to volume, this is the motherlode! It holds up to 5 canisters of bulk snacks and has several surrounding shelves to hold any other snacks you can think of. 

Maintenance:  Aside from a regular wipe down from our Field Ops team, this piece doesn’t need much! 

Here are some specs to see if this will work in your space:

For additional specs and guidelines, click here!

And that’s all, folks! If you’re interested in having one or many of these baddies in your space, smash the button below to get in touch with us <3

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