Launching a barista staffed Crafty Cafe in your office to achieve your espresso dreams

A quick primer on getting an in-office cafe, powered by great office coffee, transparent data, a huge selection of products, and Crafty Care!

Crafty probably already does some super awesome things in your office. Snacks. Events. Kegs. Coffee. 

We can also be your one-stop-shop for the full In-Office Cafe of your dreams! That’s right...  full-on latte-art-pouring Baristas right in your office. No more pesky trips to the outdoors for skinny-vanilla-half-caf-oat-no-foam-lattes. Thirsty yet?

Building out the cafe of your dreams

Let’s walk through our end-to-end process that brings your dreams to a reality:

  1. Workflow Design
  2. Equipment 
  3. Staffing & Daily Operations
  4. Building Out The Menu 

Workflow Design

When you decide to have your very own Crafty Cafe, we are there to help you from the very beginning. Our work starts by working with designers, architects, and general contractors to make sure all the elements are in place to make a cafe run smoothly from day one and on! 

Our coffee people know a thing or two about the best places for electrical (110v or 220v??), waterlines, and drainage, and of course, they know the best places to put espresso machines, POS registers, and condiment stations to maximize the efficiency of the baristas work and the customer's experience.


Picking the right equipment can be daunting. But don’t worry! We do that too! We know what a busy cafe needs to make the whole process as fast and delicious as possible. 

Of course, we know how important the look of the space is, so we will help find the machines that best fit your space’s aesthetic. Plus, with Crafty, you get peace of mind knowing that our team will address any equipment issues, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Staffing & Daily Operations

Once opening day comes around, we will have hired and trained the right people for your space. We only hire folks that already have high-volume cafe experience, and then we train them in the art of the Crafty Cafe so they are ready to surprise and delight all the customers that visit them! 

Our team will be pouring amazing lattes, delivering top-notch customer service, and keeping the place clean and tidy all day long.  Plus the Baristas will coordinate with a dedicated Client Success Manager to oversee the inventory and make sure all the product needed is on-site everyday to keep that caffeine flowing!

Do you want to give all away for free and let people get 12 lattes at a time? That’s great (and very generous of you)! We will still track drinks in order to collect data on volume so that we can share that with you whenever you want to see it. 

Building out the menu

On top of getting amazing Baristas, the best cafe equipment, and all the Crafty Care you can stand, you will have access to our diverse offerings of coffee and other cafe products. 

Our focus is on local roasters, so no matter which city you are in, you will see names you already know. Our Coffee People and Procurement Team are always working with local and new vendors to get the best products available and at very competitive prices. As Crafty continues to grow, we continue to expand our offerings of the best and most popular coffee brands, so even if we don’t have your favorite right now, check back often!

There are a lot of coffee options out there. And just like any type of business, there are different levels of quality, which often translates to money. So the better the coffee, the more it costs! That’s why Crafty has options! 

The Crafty Experience

With a Crafty Cafe, one of the best things you get is Crafty! We literally Obsess over the Client and we pride ourselves on creating an experience that reflects that. Client care is our top priority; we think it shows with our 97% client retention rate! And that’s across all of our programs, not only cafes! Our level of obsession runs deep, and we tap into that when we hire and train our folks on the ground. 

We have a team of Coordinators who visit all of our sites in order to perform regular Quality Control Checks. Like I said: Obsessed.

At Crafty, we believe that if you make the data, it’s yours! Want to know how much milk you bought last Tuesday? Done. Need to see which coffee was most popular when those fancy shmancy execs were in town that one week 6 months ago? Easy. Curious how many lattes the Cafe is cranking out for the whole year? We got you. Seriously - we have all your Crafty data! And you can take a look whenever you want. Your Crafty Client Success Manager can help you understand it if you hate numbers and charts!

We can do all of these things, even at the same time. With all of our programs you get the same client care, access to data, with an incredible selection and convenience of getting it all from the same place.