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How to create an asset in the Crafty system

For clients participating in Crafty's Equipment Portfolio Management program.

First, let's hit some definitions:

  • Equipment records in the Crafty system are the specific model of equipment, such as "Bunn-o-Matic - H5X Element - 240V - 43600.0003", which is a hot water machine.
  • Asset records in the Crafty system are the specific piece of equipment in your office.

In our system, we connect Asset records to Equipment records, so that we can store all of the model-specific information on the Equipment record, and we can store all of the asset specific information tied to the specific piece of equipment in your office (such as the serial number) on the Asset record.

Tracking your equipment in our system is integral to Crafty's Equipment Portfolio Management program, so let's dive into how we get that information into our system.

  1. Add a Crafty Asset Sticker to the unit you want to track
    1. Don't have Crafty Asset Stickers?  Send an email to equipment@craftydelivers.com - we can't proceed unless we have Crafty Asset Stickers 🚧
  2. Take a photo of the serial number on your machine.
  3. Take a photo of the machine as it is in your office.
  4. Visit Crafty's "Create an Asset" website, where you'll begin filling out the form:
    1. Enter the Asset ID # on the Crafty Asset Sticker you've just applied to this machine.
    2. Select the "Equipment Brand - Model Name - Model #" option from the dropdown menu that matches this machine.
      1. Don't see the right "Equipment Brand - Model Name - Model #"? Please select "TBD" as your dropdown option, and then email equipment@craftydelivers.com to ensure we can add that piece of equipment into our system.

      2. You'll need to take the "Model #" from the above selection and add it into this field.  This is what connects you asset to the equipment record in our system.  
        1. If you selected "TBD", then please write "TBD" here.
  5. Need to add another asset?  Just click refresh and repeat!
  6. After you complete the form, you'll get an email from Crafty McCraftington, our fun-loving stork mascot - feel free to respond directly to that email with any questions.

Here is a view of the form: