How to downgrade my PRO membership

With Crafty PRO, you can downgrade at anytime! Oh, and downgrading is the same as cancelling!

It's never easy to say goodbye...  but sometimes, you just gotta!

So, for Crafty PRO users, here is the step-by-step on downgrading your Crafty PRO membership. 

It's also worth noting:  downgrading is the same as cancelling or suspending your membership.  Once you complete this process, you will be charged your final Crafty PRO membership fee, and nothing more from then onwards.  You'll still be able to place orders, if you'd like; however, you will not enjoy any of the benefits of PRO until you re-join.

Step 1:  Go to Settings

On the bottom right hand side of the Crafty Dashboard, click into your Settings.  In Settings, you'll see all of your Accounts over to the right side.  Click the word "PRO" to begin the downgrade process of that specific PRO membership.

Settings - Membership

Step 2:  Click "Want to downgrade to Starter?"

At the bottom of the popup on the right side of your screen is a button that says, "Want to downgrade to Starter?"  Click that!

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 10.53.18 AM

Step 3:  Confirm by clicking "Deactivate PRO"

Oh, boy... this is it... there is no going back! 

Look, if it wasn't meant to be, we understand...   

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 10.53.37 AM

Well, we really appreciate having had you as a PRO member, and we hope to have an opportunity to work together again in the future!