Kegco K209SS Black Cabinet Single Door 2-Tap Kegerator

Check out our black cabinet double tap kegerator so that you can serve up the best draft products in your office kitchen.

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Kegco beer dispensing and refrigeration products are the flagship brand of Cydea, Inc. who continue to be leading innovators in the beer dispensing and refrigeration industry. Their quality products are built to last for years of use for the draft beer enthusiast at heart. From opening to storing, Kegco products are well thought out and quality tested to ensure the best experience for the end user.

Stainless Steel Double Tap Kegerator

This freestanding unit is a workhorse and looks great in your office kitchen.  Whether you're serving cold brew, kombucha, sparkling tea, beer, or even wine kegs, this unit is a great option.  It has two faucets which works well with its storage capabilities. For storage information and other options, please see the spec sheet below and also review our article on choosing the right kegerator for your office.

Nuts and Bolts

Quality: This is our standard model, and it gets the job done. It does not have the visual appear, nor functional appeal, of our stainless steel unit; however, it's an economical, solid unit.

Volume: This kegerator can hold two sixtels or one full-size keg along with a 5lb CO2 or Nitrogen tank.

Maintenance:  Our Field Ops team will wipe these down daily after filling them with product. We recommend running a line cleaning in between each keg, and if not, at least once every two weeks. We also recommend changing out the liquid lines at least once every two years.


Here are some specs to see if this will work in your space:

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