Marketplace Order Minimum

We've established an order minimum on our marketplace. Here's the scoop on how it's calculated and what you need to know.

In order to continue to perform at our highest level, we have established a minimum for our marketplace orders. 

How it's calculated

The minimum is $250 for the order total, so that includes everything: products, taxes, delivery fees, etc.

As an example: let's say you ordered a combination of products totaling $205, and you are a Starter member. With taxes and delivery fees, you'll likely meet the $250 total that will cover the minimum.

If you're a PRO member, then you get free delivery! That means you may need to add a few more items to your cart to ensure you hit that $250 minimum.

What if I don't have enough products in my shopping cart?

Good news! We sell all different kinds of kitchen and pantry products. How about a box of Kind Bars or a box of Paper Towels? We’ve got a ton of products to offer that can help you hit that minimum.

If you normally order only one keg at a time, order two! If it's beer or wine, it doesn't need to be kept in cold storage which means, it can stay at room temperature until you're ready to use it.

What if I don't have enough cold storage to order more product?

Cold storage can be hard to come by when it comes to cold brew, kombucha and tea kegs. We know that doubling up on your order to meet the minimum is hard when you have nowhere to put the extra kegs and storing them at room temp will cause them to go bad. 

Many of our clients have actually purchased a second kegerator for cold storage! A kegerator is essentially a mini fridge with some bells and whistles. We can get you just the mini fridge part so that you can stock up on the good stuff and hit the minimum. 

Sorry to say: no exceptions to the rule

We just, unfortunately cannot make them. Trust us when we say, we are nearly allergic to saying "no" to people; however, to make sure we are the best company we can be, and providing the best service available to our clients, we've had to learn to say "no" sometimes. 

We want to be able to serve everybody but the truth of the matter is, if you can't see yourselves hitting our minimums, we are probably not a great fit to serve you. 

Still have some unanswered questions about Crafty's Marketplace order minimum? Feel free to hit us up and we'll make sure we answer everything you have runnin' around in that noggin.