Submitting an equipment ticket and scheduling a service visit

Request a visit from one of our Service Technicians who can provide equipment maintenance and part replacements on your machines.

Is your coffee machine having a bad day? Perhaps your refrigerator has a fever and their temperature is way too high.

Whatever the issue may be, our Service Technicians are definitely the right people for the job!

Here is how you can request a Service Visit:

  1. Open up the Support Section of your Crafty Dashboard.

    Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 7.02.19 PM
  2. Submit a ticket with "Equipment" as the Type.

    Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 7.02.39 PM

What happens from there?

First and foremost, our team will follow up with you from there to get one of our Service Technicians out to you as quickly as possible!  

No matter the timeline to visit, we will get back to you with a plan of action. 

  • Sometimes, we need more information on the issue (e.g., photos, context, model numbers), and with that information, we can inform our tech of the issue to ensure we show up with the right stuff!
  • Other times, we may have everything we need to send someone straight out.

Whatever the case, we know how important getting your machines back up and running is.  Down time is frown time!