Tapping and Untapping a Keg

How to tap and untap those magical kegs inside of your kegerator. Spoiler alert: you gotta use the coupler and make sure the gas is on!

You know when you look up a recipe online, and you find a blogger who has created exactly what you're looking for, but you have to scroll through their entire life story before you actually get to the recipe? Great! Let's tuck in. I was born on a stormy night in December...LOL JK. This isn't one of those moments. Let's get straight into it!

First, we're going to learn how to untap a keg. Gather round, children!

Step 1

Turn off the gas shut-off valve by setting it to the closed position. 

Step 2

On the coupler - the thing that is tapped to the keg - pull the lever out away from the center of the keg. The handle should now be at a 45 degree angle from the keg and not horizontal. 

Step 3

Steady the keg between your legs (so it doesn't twist around with you) and twist the coupler counterclockwise 190 degrees before pulling the coupler up and away from the keg. There are grooves that will guide the coupler off the keg


YAY! You did it! You un-tapped the keg!

Now, let's tap that new keg.  Here's how:

Step 1

If this keg is full, it's gonna be very heavy. First step is getting one or several very strong people to help move it over to the kegerator, if it's not already there. 

Step 2

Grab your coupler. It should be in the open position as pictured below. 

Step 3

There are two tabs on the keg that will line up with the two grooves on the coupler. When inserting the coupler into the top of the keg, line up the grooves and twist clockwise to lock the coupler in place.

Step 4

Once the coupler is in place, pull the handle on the coupler away from the center of the keg and push down to the closed position. 

Step 5

Place a cup under the tap and do a test pour. Then drink that test pour! You've earned it :)

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