Tasks in the Crafty Dashboard

Get visibility into onsite operations across all of your offices.

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The Tasks section of the Crafty Dashboard is basically air traffic control for Crafty's onsite operations in your office.

During your Implementation, we build out the task list that will be completed each day in your space.  The list may differ on Monday versus Wednesday, but we will maintain weekly consistency.  

When our Field Operations team is in your space, they're documenting the tasks they are completing through our Operations App.  As they complete each task, they are uploading photos where required and leaving notes on specific tasks.  That information all flows into the Tasks section of the dashboard.  Here's how you can access that information.

Across the top of the dashboard, you have some major filters.

You can look at certain Programs and/or certain Locations.

Every Account has a single program (e.g., Kitchen, Events) and a single location (i.e., their address down to the suite or floor), which means that you can filter for both programs and locations at the same time!

  1. By Program - we organize your Crafty life into programs, such as Kitchen, Cafe, Catering, Events, and Micromarkets. 
  2. By Location - whether you have offices in different cities, different buildings, or not, you’ll be able to filter your task detail all the way down to the floor or suite! 

This is really great when you want to see all of your tasks for your Kitchen Program in Chicago (or even down to a single building!).

Additionally, you have key filters inside of the Tasks section.

You can filter in a couple ways:

  1. By date range
  2. By zone (zones are super specific areas of your office where tasks are completed, such as the Beverage Refrigerators in the East Kitchen of the 3rd Floor of your New York City office)
  3. By category

And you can even search for a specific task that lives within the filters you've set!

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