Going green with TerraCycle's Recycling Program for Snack Wrappers, Coffee Pods, and Coffee Bags

Crafty's partnership with TerraCycle helps companies achieve higher levels of sustainability by recycling the packaging waste in their food and beverage program.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing TerraCycle
  2. Crafty's Partnership with TerraCycle
  3. How It Works
  4. Getting Started and Placing Orders


Amidst a global waste crisis, TerraCycle has developed convenient solutions for organizations to recycle more of their packaging waste.

While even complex trash is technically recyclable, most materials are not profitable to recycle. As a result, waste piles up in landfills and pollutes our planet while virgin materials are extracted from the earth to create new products.

TerraCycle's mission is to eliminate the idea of waste by helping businesses, government entities, and people everywhere keep trash out of landfills or from incineration.

Crafty's partnership with TerraCycle

Crafty can drive positive food system changes and waste reduction in our own ecosystem by connecting sources of waste with waste users on the Crafty platform.


Sources of Waste - Waste Users (1)

Snack wrappers, coffee pods, and coffee bags are recyclable; yet municipal recycling cannot process them.  TerraCycle will recycle and convert them into park benches, recycled lumber, and other recycled materials.

Through this TerraCycle Recycling Program, Crafty will:
  • Enable Customer collection of individual snack wrappers (flexible plastic packaging), coffee pods, and coffee bags into the Zero Waste Boxes. Boxes cannot include paper based wrappers, food waste, wood, nor cardboard. When Boxes are full, Customer will tape the top opening shut and ship out via UPS using the prepaid return shipping label attached to the box. Everything collected through the Box solution is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be recycled instead of sent to landfills.
  • Place orders through TerraCycle, which will ship out 2-3 business days after the order is placed and can take 1-6 business days to arrive.
  • Provide signage educating Customer employees on the TerraCycle Recycling Program, including instructions on what can and cannot go into the Zero Waste Boxes.

Introducing Craftys Sustainability Offerings (6)

How It Works

1. Order:  To place orders, you can order through your Crafty dashboard.  Zero Waste Boxes are then shipped directly to customer offices upon ordering.

2. Collect:  Fill your box with wrappers, coffee pods, and coffee bags.

3. Ship:  Each box has a prepaid shipping label, so that once filled, you can ship them
back to TerraCycle for processing.

If your company has a pre-existing daily pick-up with UPS, you can leave the box in your designated outbound shipping area or give it to your UPS driver. If you do not have a pre-existing UPS pick-up, you can bring the box to any UPS shipping location. To find a UPS near you, visit ups.com/us.


Introducing Craftys Sustainability Offerings (6)

We also offer different case and bin options for collecting waste:

Introducing Craftys Sustainability Offerings (5)

Getting Started

To get started, please email TerraCycle@craftydelivers.com. This program is available in any location throughout the Continental US.  All we need to launch is a signed Statement of Work!

Crafty can provide monthly reporting via email to illustrate the LBs recycled per location.

Have any Qs?  We've got As!  Drop us a note at TerraCycle@craftydelivers.com.