The Billing Section of the Dashboard

Find out how to navigate the billing section of your dashboard!

As Destiny's Child once pondered, "Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills, can you pay my automo-bills?", and while this article has absolutely nothing to do with that, it's always good to remember that classic. If you need a quick break, to remember the simpler times, here's the video

Now that we've had a quick Beyonce break, back to the issue at hand: the billing section of your dashboard! 

We built this portion of the dashboard to help you manage multiple budgets. Whether you want to create different budgets for POs, buildings, teams, charge codes, or types of spend, all of that is possible with our dashboard.

We can create a unique Payment Profiles for each budget you have.  

A Payment Profile is a way to group your invoices, have them processed together, and sent to a single destination on your billing cadence.

Every Payment Profile will have a couple features:

  • Billing Cadence - this is the timing that we send you invoices (e.g., weekly, monthly).
  • Payment Terms - for clients under contract with Crafty, we can offer you payment terms!
  • Accounts - an Account can only be assigned to one Payment Profile (as a reminder, an Account is any one Crafty program (e.g., Kitchen, Events, etc.) in one location (e.g., Floor 2 of your Bay Area office at 145 Sansome Street). 
  • PO# - as an option, you can assign a PO# (or a charge code) to every invoice sent within a single Payment Profile

When it comes time to invoice your Payment Profile, you’ll receive a Group Invoice, which does a couple nifty things:

  • Lists all of the orders within the Group Invoice in chronological order
  • Summarizes your spend by category for all of the orders within the Group Invoice
  • Includes each individual delivery  with all of the items, prices, and details from that order

We’ve built all of this billing magic, because we want it to be as flexible as Gumby. So, please do let us know if you’d like to see anything changes or have any special requests!

That's it! If you have questions about other sections, feel free to hit up our main dashboard article which will help you find more helpful info!

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