True Manufacturing T-72 Stainless Steel - Triple Glass Door Fridge

Display your office drinks and perishables snack in this triple glass door corporate fridge.

True t-72  triple glass door corporate fridge

True Manufacturing

True Manufacturing was started right after the Second World War in 1945 by Robert Trulaske. Like most good ideas, Bob got the idea for commercial electrical refrigeration when he was out at a bar. The difference between most ideas that happen at a bar and Bob’s idea was that he followed through! Because of his vision, True remains one of the most trusted commercial refrigeration companies out there today. True is still a family business, run by Bob’s son, Steve Trulaske and everything from True is made in the USA.

T-72 Stainless Steel - Triple Glass Door

Three times the doors, three times the fun! Well, maybe not “fun” but definitely three times the space! This is the largest version of the True fridges we offer and if you have room in your office kitchen, it’s well worth it! This can hold any number of beverages and snacks and still have space to house large trays for catering. The Crafty aesthetic is in full effect with the stainless steel and glass doors!

Nuts and Bolts

Quality: True Manufacturing makes all their products stateside and have been around since 1945. A company that has been around that long has a clear stake in making sure they’re turning out the highest quality equipment possible. 

Volume: This fridge can hold just about anything within its size and the shelves are adjustable. whether you’re stacking drinks or catering trays, you can adjust the shelf heights to fit everything properly.

Maintenance:  Our Field Ops team will wipe these down daily after filling them with product. We focus on the doors and the bottom of the fridge since the shelves are wire racks and don’t usually need much wiping. We also do a deep clean of the fridge once a week which requires we take everything out and disinfect every surface.

Here are some specs to see if this will work in your space:

True t-72  triple glass door corporate fridge specs


For additional specs and guidelines, click here!

And that’s all, folks! If you’re interested in having one or many of these baddies in your space, let us know :)