What happens if our monthly spend is below our monthly minimum?

We've got a great solution to ensure your spend is put to good use, instead of being assessed purely as a fee.

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How It Works

In a given month, if your monthly spend, which includes all spend with Crafty in this location (excluding sales tax), is below your monthly minimum, then we will charge you the difference that month.

However, in the following month, you can deploy that spend as Crafty Credit which can be given to select employees to redeem as a remote work perk on our Crafty in a Box site.

This way, you are not just paying Crafty a fee that we are eating, but rather you are still able to deploy that spend in a way that is beneficial and engaging for your team.

As long as you let your Account Manager know in writing by the 15th of the subsequent month, we will be apply to make this happen.  If you let us know on the 16th or later, we will not be able to apply the previous month's spend as Crafty Credit.