Vitamix The Quiet One Commercial Blender

The perfect office kitchen appliance to whip up your favorite smoothie without disturbing the entire office.

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In 1949, Vitamix founder William G. “Papa” Barnard created the first infomercial in the U.S. to demonstrate how the Vitamix blender can help families eat healthier with whole foods. Committing to a healthy lifestyle meant that Mr. Barnard had to make a lot of his own food and in 1937, he created the first Vitamix blender. Since then, Vitamix has committed to engineering the best-in-class blenders and has consistently evolved with the times. That is why today, Vitamix blenders are the most durable, longest-lasting, easiest to use, and they have the highest horsepower of any blender on the market today. 

Vitamix The Quiet One Commercial Blender

The Quiet One is a commercial blender for your office café or kitchen that is making a lot of noise about its quiet hush! Its decibel level mimics that of a low, nearby conversation, so when you make your morning smoothie, you’re not disturbing the entire office. The Advance Blade container helps reduce noise and improve performance. Air management and a powerful 3-peak output HP motor reduces noise, improves reliability, and minimizes downtime. The 3 peak output horsepower motor quickly pulverizes ingredients and blends multiple servings of smoothies, frappés, and frozen drinks easily. 

Note:  we still recommend locating these units as far away from your team as possible so as not to disturb them.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Quality: When you have the quietest blender on the market manufactured by the best in the business, you get expertly made blended drinks and smoothies every single time. 
  • Volume: Great for an office of up to 50 people with a container that holds up to 48 oz. of liquid.
  • Maintenance: Wash the container between uses with soap and water and make sure you give the entire appliance a daily wipe down!

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For more information, check out the spec sheet here!