Vitrifrigo 1 Gallon Milk Cooler for de Jong DUKE

Set up a milk fridge next to your de Jong DUKE office coffee machine to deliver fresh milk to your espresso drinks


Vitrifrigo was born in Montecchio, Italy and made its way stateside in 2005. Their focus is on research and development to make sure they’re bringing the best in technology to refrigeration while also making sure they’re staying true to a clean and modern aesthetic. Each piece of equipment undergoes stringent testing at their facilities to make sure you are getting the best quality unit available. They’re basically allergic to cutting corners. 

1 Gallon Milk Cooler

This milk fridge is set up alongside your de Jong DUKE Nio office coffee machine to deliver fresh milk to your delicious espresso drinks. It is set up with any regular 1-gallon jug of milk and stays fresh and at temp at all times. When you’re ready to make a drink, the machine pulls directly from the milk fridge. There will never be any milk sitting in the line because it flushes out each time. Each drink will be made with milk right from the jug, as fresh as can be! Although de Jong DUKE does offer a powdered milk option as well so your peeps can have the choice!

Nuts and Bolts

Quality: The machine, recommended by Eversys themselves, not only works perfectly with your machine but it maintains that modern stainless steel look that’s synonymous with the Crafty aesthetic. 

Volume: This fridge holds up to a 1- gallon jug of milk.

Maintenance: The fridge is wiped down daily by our Field Ops team. They also run a deep clean on the line that goes from the fridge to the Eversys machine on a daily basis to ensure the milk always stays fresh.

Here are some specs to see if this will work in your space:


For additional specs and guidelines, click here!

And that’s all, folks! If you’re interested in having one or many of these baddies in your space, give us a holler :)