Wire Mesh Fruit Bowls (Black, Set of 2)

Display your favorite seasonal fruits in your office kitchen with these steel wire bowls.  

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Wire Mesh Fruit Bowls (Black, Set of 2)

These attractive mesh fruit bowls make a great addition to any sleek and modern office kitchen. They can hold a variety of foods and can be fun to fill with a variety of different seasonal fruits. 

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Materials: These are made with a strong steel wire with a rust resistant finish.  
  • Volume: It all depends on what fruit you choose, but these bowls can display a good variety of delicious earth candy!
  • Maintenance: These need a daily wipe down to avoid any sticky residue.
  • Dimensions: Small Bowl 9.5" diameter x 4.75" high (7.75" inner diameter); Large Bowl 12" diameter x 6" high (9.5" inner diameter)