Determining Which Gas to Use for Your Keg

How to pick the right gas tank for your office keg for cold brew, beer, tea, kombucha, and beyond.

Some beverages require CO2 and some require nitrogen (and some even require beer gas, which is a mix!). This explains which kegs should get hooked up with which gas. 

How Do I Pick?

We've been there. Deciding what kind of delicious products to put in your office kegerator to keep your troops happy can be a roller coaster. Do I offer beer? What about before happy hour? What will the people drink!? Well, luckily we offer a lot of good choices that are both alcoholic and non alcoholic to get everyone over to the kegerator. 

Now you need to know which gas to order for which product. Never fear, we've created a handy chart to help you figure out just what you need.


This handy dandy chart also shows us what pressure we should set the gas tank to which is measured in PSIs. Click here to find out how to adjust the pressure on your gas tank!

Time to Drop Some Knowledge

A good basic rule of thumb is if the beverage has bubbles, it should be hooked up to CO2. If it's not supposed to have bubbles, then is should be hooked up to nitrogen. 

While both CO2 and Nitrogen do have bubbles, CO2 bubbles are smaller than Nitrogen bubbles. CO2 will carbonate your delicious beverage, which means those tiny bubbles will infuse into the liquid. As a result, CO2 bubbles creates a sharper mouthfeel than their Nitrogen cousins. Nitrogen, on the other hand, has bigger bubbles, which do not infuse into the liquid and create a smoother mouthfeel.

Still got gas pains? Give us a holler - we're here to help :)