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Jura is the global market leader in the premium segment of Automatic Coffee Machines, which it sells in over 40 countries. Starting in Switzerland in 1931, founder Leo Henziroh's dynamism and ingenuity still live on today and have characterised JURA as a company for 90 years. Since then the JURA brand has stood for the highest quality, pioneering innovation, first-class design and sustainability in practice.

The Giga X7 Professional 

This Swiss made machine features a full color display for intuitive operation, two thermoblock heating systems, and two independent and electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders. Trend specialties like latte macchiato are prepared to perfection thanks to automatic switchover from milk to milk foam

In addition, variable dual spout with two coffee and two milk spouts can prepare two milk specialties at once. A la carte bean selection allows you to choose between the left or right grinder during use and a jug of coffee will grind and then brew up to 5 shots with one touch.

The X7 also features a separate hot water spout and is compatible with Smart Connect for use with Wireless Transmitter in Cool Control only. 

The Nuts and Bolts

Here's what you really need to know about this incredible machine:

  • Quality: the X7's make the best quality drinks of all the machines we offer. We've had Italian executives even remark that its espresso is "quite good" :). Italy is the birthplace of espresso, ergo, ipso facto, an Italian executive endorsement is the chef’s kiss of approval.
  • Volume: this machine has a recommended output of 150 drinks per day.
  • Maintenance: the X7 requires a regimented schedule of daily rinses, weekly deeply cleans, and monthly cleans. With all this emptying and cleaning, it really does require regular maintenance from our Field Operations team to live its best life.

And that’s about it! Here are some specs, so you really know EVERYTHING about the X7 :)

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Spec sheet and installation guidelines are available for download through here.

Additional information is available via the manufacturer's website.

Interested in having a Giga X7 Professional in your office? Not sure and just want to chat? Just looking for someone to talk to? Honestly, we’re down for whatever.