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Onboarding Your Equipment

How to register your office kitchen equipment for clients participating in Crafty’s Equipment Portfolio Management Program.

  1. You will be receiving a set of stickers in the mail. Once you decide which machines you’d like within the program, you will attach the sticker to that piece of equipment. Each sticker will have a unique Asset ID number and a QR code that you will scan when the equipment malfunctions. 
  2. You will then create an Asset with the Asset ID number that will attach your office kitchen equipment to our system. This is done through our Asset ID creation form
    For additional information on how to create an Asset ID, a step by step guide will be provided at the end of this article
  3. Once that is uploaded, we will follow up with you to verify that we have received your submission and ask for any additional information that will help get you up and running.
  4. Once that is all set, you’re in!

Here is a view of the form :

Register your office kitchen equipment with Crafty


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