Crafty's Enterprise Implementation Process

Explore Crafty’s approach to onboarding new clients into our office kitchen and pantry program.

Ready to sign your contract and get our team on the ground? 

Our Implementation Program is launched with a kick-off meeting once you sign your contract. 

There are three core phases to the Implementation Program, and the entire process can range from 4-12 weeks based on your office, program requirements, and any structural requirements needed. 

  1. Sales Transition and Kick-Off
  2. Assessment & Planning
  3. Launch & Tweak

Crafty office food service implementation timeline


Phase 1: Sales Transition & Kick Off

The first thing we will do is introduce you to your Implementation team, who are all focused on crafting a bespoke office kitchen and pantry program to fuel your workplace experience. 

We keep your Sales Executive that you’ve been speaking within the loop to ensure everything you communicated to date is incorporated into your program, while we loop in those that will be responsible for the day-to-day activities on the ground. Your Implementation Manager is the ship's captain, ensuring we all get to where we need to go – on time and within budget. 

Here’s a snapshot of the reliable team that will get you across the finish line:

  • Sales Executive
  • Implementation Manager
  • Client Operations Team Member
  • Client Success Manager
  • Implementation Operations Team Member 
  • Market Ops Manager
  • Fulfillment Partners (if applicable)

Phase 2: Planning

The planning phase is where we will spend the majority of Implementation as we get everything prepped, ordered, and ready for your team. The planning process focuses on three areas that are crucial to your program build: 

  1. Equipment
  2. Products
  3. On-Site Operations

Let’s dive into each…

Initial Product List 

Lead By: Client Operations Team Member

Estimated Completion Date: 2 weeks prior to implementation day 


  1. After your kick-off call, your Client Operations team member will reach out to schedule a product list session.
  2. Prior to your initial product list session, you will receive your existing list of products that are being brought into your space to review. 
  3. In the product list session, the Client Operations team member will go over a draft product list with you in the session, based on your existing products, unique offerings from the market you are located in, and anything that is a “must have” discussed ahead of time.
  4. Post product list session, your Client Operations team member will create a final version of your product list to give for final approval.

Please Note: While we have finalized the go-live version for your program, we will reserve any major product list changes on a quarterly basis, in collaboration with your Client Operations team member and Client Success manager. The objective, during the implementation process, is to finalize a go-live version to have everything ready for the first 90 days in your space.

On-Site Operations Task List

Lead By: Implementation Operations Team Member

Estimated Completion Date: 2 weeks prior to implementation day


  1. Your Implementation Operations team member will reach out to coordinate a walkthrough of your space.
  2. Your Implementation Operations team member will arrive onsite to perform a walkthrough - assessing your kitchen spaces, storage, loading dock access points, etc.
  3. The Implementation Operations team member will relay notes from the walkthrough to our team.
  4. We will discuss the outcome of the walkthrough and any questions we may have in our Implementation check-in session.
  5. Post walkthrough/check-in, your Client Operations team member will regroup with you on a draft “priority task list.”

Please Note: Depending on your program, Delivery + or Concierge, your task list and allotted onsite shift will appear differently. Your implementation team will coordinate appropriately to meet the needs of your program based on what was discussed with your Sales Executive.


Lead By: Implementation Operations Team Member

Estimated Order Date: Equipment ordered right after the signed agreement is received.


In your signed contract, we have finalized the equipment we’ll be providing to outfit your space. Once we receive that signed agreement, we immediately place our equipment orders, and the lifecycle of your equipment begins:

  1. Your equipment is ordered.
  2. Your equipment is then delivered to your space and installed by our trusty Service Tech team.
  3. Once installed, we will train your team on maintenance performed by the Crafty team and any steps (if any) required by your team.

Please Note: Lead times vary for equipment, and shipping may become unpredictable. If the implementation team encounters any equipment delays, resulting in it not arriving on time, we may need to pivot to an alternative equipment solution!

Phase 3: Launch & Tweak

Once everything is prepped, we’re off to the races. 

The week of your implementation date, our team is getting organized so we know exactly what’s going on and where it’s going before stepping foot in your location. We will also send over details about what to expect on implementation day.

On implementation day, our team is onsite installing your equipment and getting all your products stocked on the shelves. Keep an eye out for a check-in email from our team, who will give you the rundown on how things are going. 

Here are some helpful definitions of words you may hear a lot of during this process:

Crafty Implementation Definitions 

  • Go-live: When all snacks and equipment are set up in your kitchen spaces, ready for employees to use and consume!
  • Implementation Day: The day (or days) when Crafty is at your office delivering products/equipment, merchandising snacks, and installing equipment! 
  • Dashboard: Our bespoke technology to track budget, task management, and products within your inventory. You can read more regarding our technology here. 
  • Priority Task List: Tasks that are Crafty’s priority responsibility each time they are onsite. 
  • Walkthrough: A scheduled visit for the Crafty team to be onsite and assess your kitchen space(s), review equipment locations (if applicable), discuss snack set-up, scope out access points, and any other details relevant to implementation day/ongoing service. 

At Crafty, our first company value is We Obsess Over the Client, and we’ve built this Implementation Program with that value in mind!