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de Jong DUKE

de Jong DUKE is a Dutch, family-owned, business founded in 1897. With a long history of creating innovative, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for coffee, they are certainly in it for the long run. All of their machines are assembled by real people - no robots. With the company’s headquarters based in the Netherlands and with North American facilities, de Jong DUKE delivers coffee equipment to customers all over the world.

The Nio

The Nio is an 18 in. wide countertop corporate coffee machine that produces a wide spectrum of specialty espresso drinks within a customizable menu and interface. At 23.6 in. tall, the machine fits well under most cabinetry as well.

The Nio has two hoppers (a fancy word for “container”) that hold 2.43 lbs of whole beans each.

On each drink, the machine freshly grinds whole beans through it's in-unit grinder. The menu can feature the standards (coffee, espresso, hot water, hot chocolate) as well as the specialties (double espresso, cappuccino, cafe au lait, latte, macchiato). The Nio can concoct these delicious beverages with fresh milk through an attached milk fridge or with the in-unit dry powders, which is the more common setup.

In that dry powder set up, the Nio uses three in-unit dry powders (cappuccino, chocolate, and french vanilla) through automated mixers that combine hot water with the powders before dispensing alongside the fresh brewed coffee into your mug.

Below is what the fresh milk set up looks like, and here is a link to the fresh milk fridge itself!

Care and Dev __ Crafty Care Center (46)The Nuts and Bolts

Here's what you really need to know about this incredible machine:

  • Quality: powder-based espresso drinks, while still pretty delicious, are a level below fresh milk.
  • Volume: this machine is very well suited for medium sized offices. At 60/drinks per hour, it can serve offices of 50-200 people. For larger offices, we recommend the Eversys Cameo c'2m or the Eversys e'4m.
  • Maintenance: the Nio requires a regimented schedule of daily rinses, weekly deeply cleans, and monthly canister clean. The in-machine grounds container will need to be dumped once every 100 drinks, and it will count and prompt the user when that time comes. The machine then needs to be unlocked in order to dump the grounds container. With all this dumping and cleaning, it really does require daily maintenance from our Field Operations team to live its best life.

And that’s about it! Here are some specs, so you really know EVERYTHING about the Nio :)


Spec sheet and installation guidelines are available for download through here.

Additional information is available via the manufacturer's website.

Interested in having a Nio in your office? Not sure and just want to chat? Just looking for someone to talk to? Honestly, we’re down for whatever.