Details on the Crafty Dashboard!

We built the Crafty Dashboard to give you visibility into your reporting, analytics, daily operations, your order history, and more!

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Welcome to your Crafty Dashboard! This is your information superhighway for your Crafty life. 

The Crafty Dashboard is the portal we’ve developed for Workplace, Office, Facilities, and Finance teams to:

  • Check incoming deliveries
  • Review historical deliveries
  • Run consumption reports
  • Check their billing and invoice statuses
  • Search and discover new products
  • Access knowledge and content from Crafty
  • and connect with the Crafty team!

The dashboard will give you more transparency into everything related to your Crafty experience. Our goal is to empower you all with the Crafty-related information you need to be your best and save you a ton of time!

The Dashboard features the following sections:

With your help and feedback, we will continue to build out more features and tools within the dashboard.

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